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Cover Fiberglass Tape with Mortar Measure the floor and determine if and where you can use whole sheets of the cement board. Cement board can be nailed or screwed to wood or steel studs to create a substrate for vertical tile and attached horizontally to plywood for tile floors, kitchen counters and backsplashes. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Flooring . Repeat this process, spreading mortar and laying backerboard one sheet at a time. ", Step 10: I have old floorboards down currently and I am thinking of sticking 6mm 1200x800 hardie backer cement board prior to tiling, what I need to no is what's the best thing to stick the cement board with to the floorboards, a … The first step is proper planning and placement. Cement board, often referred to as backerboard, is a thin layer of concrete with fiberglass mesh on both sides. Sort by: Top Sellers. That’s why it was named the most preferred brand of backer board by tile installers and contractors, according to the 2019 Tile and Stone Report conducted by ClearSeas research in partnership with the National Tile Contractors Association and TILE Magazine. Thinset Decoded: Which Thinset to use | Infographic, Self-Leveling Underlayment: The Ultimate Guide. It’s typically available in 1/2-in. Install the First Sheet. Find Cement backer board at Lowe's today. © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. As a cementitious dry floor panel, it combines the easy handling and fast installation of a dry floor solution with outstanding physical attributes. You have your needed materials and tools handy and now you’re ready to begin installing backerboard like a pro. In fact, I think it would create more problems than it would solve. Learn how to install HardieBacker Cement Board on wooden floors and the appropriate materials and tools that you’ll need for the job. thick, 3 x 5-ft. sheets. 6 Results Building Supply Product Type: Cement Board. 15 divided into 84 = … Concrete floors should be mechanically abraded by some means. What is Backerboard? You should lay out the area starting with whole sheets then measure and make cuts to fit smaller pieces around them. Underlayment for Flooring. Fill the Joints with Mortar Not Staggering the Seams. Another reason you’ll need to work with cement backerboard is that it’s never safe to install new tiles over existing tiles. Plan so the joints in the backerboard won’t line up with the joints in the subfloor. Total Sheets Needed. Once the tape is embedded, scrape off any excess mortar. Most sheets of cement board are 3 X 5 which is 15 square feet. QEP 2 inch x 150 ft Cement Board Drywall Joint Tape . Hello, I have the whole downstairs of my house to tile, 60m2. Item #1519728 Model #90005569000556 Fiber cement boards are the perfect substrate for tile flooring. Fiber Cement Board. Cement Board Tips Score the board with a utility knife, then cut it using a jig saw with a carbide blade. This guide will teach you how to install cement board on floors and use thinset mortar to secure and level your subfloor before installing tile. James Hardie HardieBacker 3 ft. x 5 ft. x 1/4 in. Shop backer board and a variety of flooring products online at Lowes.com. x 3 ft. x 5 ft. Cement Board with EdgeGuard. The corners and edges of the sheets should not touch one another. Fiber cement board, also known as fiber board, is made from a sheet of Portland cement mixed with sand and cellulose fibers. It may sound like a daunting task, but learning how to install cement board on a floor is possible even if you don’t have years of DIY experience. The rough or embossed surface of … Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: you@domain.com. - For HardieBacker Cement Board to subfloor, use a quarter-inch, square notch trowel - For tile to HardieBacker Cement Board, use the specified size of trowel for your tile • Carbide-tipped scoring knife (recommended), utility knife, or shears Before you get started, you should determine if your floor is suited to HardieBacker Cement Board. Ridge the mortar with the notched side of the trowel. A cement board is a combination of cement and reinforcing fibers formed into sheets, of varying thickness that are typically used as a tile backing board. Leave a 1/8-inch gap between each backerboard sheet. Fiber board is recommended for floor tile installations, since thin-set mortar adheres well to it, ensuring a strong tile-to-floor bond. o.c. Use a trowel to spread the thinset, but before you do that, be sure you've scraped off old adhesive from any existing flooring you removed and vacuumed and cleaned well. They also require a 3/4-inch subfloor where tile size exceeds 12 inches. Always use cement board screws. To install cement board on floors, cement board manufacturers mandate a 5/8-inch plywood subfloor or OSB underlayment. ", Step 8: Plan and Mark the Backerboard Placement Total Square Footage. Is Hardibacker and Durock cement board waterproof? cement board is the best choice for walls and wet areas.This no-mesh board cuts easily even in tight awkward spaces. Learning how to install cement board on floors is an important step when you’re preparing to lay tile. Leave a 1/4-inch gap between the backerboard and the wall. HardieBacker® cement board is made better to install better and perform better. Cement board can also be used on countertops when laying tile; however, the process will involve using an extra sheet of backerboard. Plan the placement of the cement backerboard sheets. Position the screws at least 1/2-inch, but no more than 2 inches, from the edge of the sheet. Your email address will not be published. Here’s how you can tackle step one correctly: Let the mortar fully set and dry for 24 to 48 hours before tiling. The plywood subfloor should be at least 5/8” thick on 16” centers (3/4″ preferred) and securely attached to the joists preferably with screws. Let's read which of the type is best for you. Installing cement board at the beginning of your remodeling project is crucial when you want waterproof tile floors that will last for many years without cracking or other signs of damage. Cement board, also known as backerboard, is used as an underlayment for tile flooring and walls. This product now has improved extra strength tackiness. All Rights Reserved. Use corrosion resistant nails or screws to attach the cement backer board to the plywood subfloor. If needed, cut the backerboard to fit in small spaces or around obstructions. Installation of cement backerboard is always preceded by application of thinset mortar, which fills low spots in the subfloor and anchors the backer-board sheets. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. Do a dry run and lay the backerboard down to fully cover the area you plan to tile. ... USG Durock Brand 1/2 in. Cement board is the most durable, trouble-free tile backer for tub surrounds, showers, floors and all other wet areas. Ceramic tile makes a durable flooring material that resists moisture and heavy traffic if it’s installed properly. The textured side is ideal for mortar applications, as it enhances bonding and reduces tile slip. Here’s an overview of how it’s used to complete a tiling project. Lay the Backerboard Sheets It’s used to simplify the process for preparing your subfloor. Although most backerboards currently available won’t fall apart when exposed to moisture and are somewhat water-resistant, they aren’t waterproof. Whenever you’re laying tile on a wood subfloor, you need to first install cement backerboard to prevent leaks and water damage that could harm your flooring and the structure of your home. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts), How to Prepare a Subfloor for Tile Installation, Step 1: The extra mortar will make it easier to bed the fiberglass tape. Allow Mortar to Set Spread Mortar You also can’t safely install tile flooring over plywood subfloor or onto an unprotected wood floor without serious risk of rot, water damage, warping and mold. QEP's Cement Board Seam Tape is essential for professional cement board installations. Doing this will require that you remove the existing surface material before installing backerboard over the studs. Cement board can be used just as effectively on walls, such as showers and bathtub surrounds, as it is on floors. Snap a grid to the subfloor using a chalk line to mark your cement board placement. Whether you’re laying down a new tile floor or installing a shower, you may use a sheathing material such as backerboard. No sir, installing cement boards over concrete just isn’t a very practical idea. DUROCK cement board Next Gen is a water-durable mold-resistant panel for use under tile and other finishes in a variety of interior and exterior applications. Its made from cement and sand, and is reinforced by fiberglass mats on both sides, so it’s impervious to water. HardieBacker 1/2 in. Place the first sheet over the mortar bed. Shop Concrete, Cement and Masonry online at AceHardware.com and get Free Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace. ", Step 2: Mix a batch thinset mortar, following the manufacturer's directions, using a bucket and margin... Place the First Cement Board Sheet. Adding 5%. Instructions Apply the Mortar Bed. The Home Depot delivers online orders when and where you need them. Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor is a cured-in-factory panel that is noncombustible, inorganic, mold-, moisture-, termite-resistant and dimensionally stable floor assembly suitable for many floor finishes. It’s available in sheets of many sizes, with 3-foot by 5-foot sheets being the most common for most projects. Cement Backerboard (769) Fiberglass mesh for added strength. ", Step 6: You … Unlike wood or drywall sub-surfaces, cement backerboard will not rot, warp or grow mold and mildew when exposed to water. To add 5% to the square footage, here is a simple formula – 80 X 1.05 = 84 sq ft. Cement board can be used just as effectively on walls, such as showers and bathtub surrounds, as it is on floors. The best way to address any inferior concrete surface in preparing it for a tile installation is to use a direct approach. They typically come in 3-foot by 5-foot sheets, but can be found in larger sizes. Cut the fiberglass seam tape to length with the thin side of your trowel. The only noncombustible structural cementitious panel manufactured in the United states. ", Step 7: To prepare a surface for tile you should use a cement backerboard. Secure Backerboard with Screws Installing a shower tile backer board is one of the popular choices for a wall substrate. Once installed, the backerboard will protect wood and plywood subfloors from water damage and create a smooth, solid foundation for your tile. ", Step 3: Manufacturers also recommend bonding cement board to floors with … ", Step 4: See More + Drill screws through the backerboard sheets every 6 to 8 inches. Lay the first sheet of cement board onto the mortar so the rough side of the board... Fasten the First Sheet. Smooth the mortar so it extends about 1 1/2 inches on each side of the joint. Equally suitable for both wood and steel framing applications spaced 16in. For example: The square footage for a bathroom that I’m working on is- 80 square feet. Now, this is an area that the plywood installers will be familiar with. Never use standard screws when installing cement board. ​If you’re not cutting a straight line, ​use a jigsaw with a carbide-grit or a metal … ", Step 5: Ready to get the tools and materials you need? By using dry installation technique, the board can be used for any interior or exterior application in commercial, industrial or residential segment. Need Help? Here are a few things to keep in mind when learning how to install cement board. Spread a thin layer of mortar over the fiberglass tape with the flat side of your trowel. Cement boards generally come in 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch and 5/8- inch thicknesses. Cover the Joints with Fiberglass Tape These can … 0.42-in x 36-in x 60-in HardieBacker with HydroDefense Technology Fiber Cement Backer Board. Use the flat side of your notched trowel to fill the joints between the backerboard sheets. While the mortar is still wet, place a sheet of backerboard onto it. With the smooth side of a 1/4-inch notched trowel, spread enough mortar for one sheet. ", Step 9: Step 2 Drive the screws in so that the heads are slightly below the surface of the backerboard sheet. Log in. Can be used for seaming most types of cement backer board and tile underlayment. Here’s the right way to attach cement backer board to a plywood subfloor: Make sure the joists are wide enough for the span and spaced on 16” centers to provide a sturdy floor with no bounce. Cut with a ​​Jigsaw. The backerboard should completely cover the subfloor joints. The purpose of the dual surfaces (one smooth side, one textured side) on USG Durock® Brand Cement Board is to better receive mastic and thin-set mortar. Feather the edges of the mortar across each board so the surface is as smooth as possible. Buy 30 or more $ 8.95. AQUAPANEL ® Cement Board Floor is the superior alternative to wet screeds when constructing floors. The boards typically come in 3-foot by 5-foot sheets and can be cut to size. A strong Shera Floor Cement Board that gives a completely different feel to the floor be it leveled or raised floor. That’s the main reason they’re a go-to choice for permanent installations like this. Shop this Collection (448) Model# 172954 $ 9 94. https://www.diytileguy.com/self-leveling-underlayment/, How to Install GoBoard Tile Backer Board | Video, Building a Custom Shower Niche from Scratch. Before installing ceramic tile on a plywood subfloor, it’s important to put down a layer of cement backer board first. The smooth side is ideal for mastic applications, as it increases adhesive coverage. ". It will corrode the screws.

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